Plan of Action

Though the objectives are bold, the approach is true to the process of all scientific and medical discovery. To accomplish the Precision Health outcomes, Indiana University will:

  • Build new research programs
  • Generate novel discovery platforms
  • Create new and expanded degree, certificate and professional medical education programs
  • Bring transformative, patient-centered precision medicine therapies and prevention into clinical services

Coordinated by a robust administrative architecture, the Precision Health Initiative will operate as five integrated virtual clusters across IU.

These clusters include:

  • Genomic Medicine
  • Cell, Gene and Immune Therapy
  • Chemical Biology and Biotherapeutics
  • Data and Informatics Sciences
  • Psychosocial, Behavioral and Ethics
  • Population Health

Each of the five Precision Health Clusters will develop new educational degree programs to create the future workforce necessary for transforming health care across Indiana and beyond. The initiative will also create a comprehensively characterized Precision Health Initiative cohort of subjects who will provide a rich resource for longitudinal data collection, population-based outcome studies, and many future biomarker and disease mechanism discoveries.