Cell, Gene, & Immune Therapy

Cell, Gene, and Immune Therapies

A person’s immune system responds first to any systemic threat to health. Individual genetic makeup can affect the mechanism of this response. The goal of the Cell, Gene, and Immune Therapies cluster is to investigate the genetic and molecular mechanisms of human immune response to specific diseases, and develop gene and cellular-level interventions into these processes to improve patients’ health.

Focal Challenges

The focal challenges that Cell, Gene, and Immune Therapies cluster aims to address are:

  1. Developing comprehensive genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics data sets for immune therapy patients to examine the effects of treatment and identify predictive markers for favorable responses to specific interventions.
  2. To provide these new therapies, we must establish a production facility for the proper manufacturing (cGMP) of cell-based medicines to translate results of cell, gene, and immunotherapy research to patients.
  3. Educate physicians, patients, and students about cell, gene, and immune therapies as they become available.