Faculty Recruitment

We plan to recruit for the following positions within the Cell, Gene, and Immunotherapy Core:

  1. Director of Human Immunology and Cell Immunotherapies
    Given the recent widespread interest in immunotherapy approaches to cancer, investigators with expertise in this area arehighly competitive to recruit. We seek to recruit a physician scientist with basic and/ortranslational research interests in human immunology to direct this program. The Director will recruit up to 4 research faculty members; faculty members with expertise in human B, T, and dendritic cell development, novel vaccines, chimeric human antibody generation, novelmethods for activating human immune subsets to promote enhanced target cell killing are areas of greatest interest and a technical director for the Human Immunology Phenotyping Core who can use the cellular time of flight mass spectrometer (CyTof) and state of the art flow cytometers and cell sorters in the Simon Cancer Center Shared Cell and Molecular Analysis Facility to identify and quantitate human immune cell subsets.
  2. Director of the cell GMP facility
    The Director will help build and manage the cell GMP facility. They will recruit technical personnel to handle cell processing, study coordination,quality assurance, regulatory affairs, patient recruitment, and data management; positionscritical for effective facility use/approval.
  3. Stem Cell Transplantation
    We seek a clinician scientist who performs hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and has an active translational or basic research program on stem cellbiology. Experience in viral vector transduction of the hematopoietic stem cells for genetherapy, such as, for our planned clinical trial in patients with Fanconi anemia is preferred.

Please see the Jobs page for more information