David Giedroc

Lilly Chemistry Alumni Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University Bloomington

Dr. Giedroc is a biophysical chemist and structural biologist with research interests in infectious diseases. Projects range from transition metal homeostasis (metallostasis) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensing and reactive sulfur species (RSS) in major nosocomial bacterial pathogens, to human RNA viruses, most recently coronaviruses, as causative agents of SARS and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). He is director of the Laboratory for Biological NMR Spectroscopy and an NIH-supported Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) graduate training program in Quantitative and Chemical Biology at IU Bloomington.

Thomas Hurley

Chancellor’s Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Director of the Chemical Genomics Core Facility, Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Hurley is a structural biologist whose original training was in steady-state enzymology. His research focus is on illuminating the structural underpinnings of catalysis and substrate binding, as well as determining the molecular basis for isoenzyme selectivity in multi-isoenzyme systems. In particular, his research operates at the interface between enzymology and chemical biology through the discovery and characterization of small molecule modulators of enzymatic activity, including the human alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenases, enzymes involved in the synthesis glycogen, as well as enzymes that regulate glycogen synthesis.