Data & Informatics

The Data and Informatics Cluster will address 3 principal challenges

  1. Scaling computing infrastructure to meet the needs for millions of patients. The new computing infrastructure will enable communication among patients, care providers, and researchers; it will address the research needs for various disease and therapy conditions, as well as meet the analytics, storage, and security needs for integrated health and molecular data; it will address the challenge of translating data-driven discovery into practice.
  2. Development of knowledge-discovery methodologies, collaborative research projects, and novel informatics tools for understanding: molecular mechanisms of disease, drug target and drug selection, omics data analysis and interpretation, clinical phenotyping of patients, and clinical decision systems.
  3. Training the next generation of experts through a biomedical informatics educational program. Next-generation informaticians will be broadly trained in a collaborative research heavy environment that addresses the needs in both precision health research and clinical practice.