Data and Informatics Leadership

Shaun Grannis

Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics, Regenstrief Institute

Dr. Grannis collaborates closely with national and international public health stakeholders to advance technical infrastructure and data-sharing capabilities. He is a member of World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for the Design, Application, and Research of Medical Information Systems, where he provides consultancy on issues related to health information system identity management and implementing automated patient record matching strategies.

Lang Li

Director, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Lang Li’s research focuses are drug interaction and pharmacogenomics. His lab uses statistics, biomedical informatics, pharmacometrics, and system pharmacology approaches to investigate drug interactions and genomics effects on drug efficacies and adverse drug events.

Predrag Radivojac

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University Bloomington

Dr. Radivojac has research interests in bioinformatics and computational biology, biomedical informatics, and machine learning.

Bill Barnett

Chief Research Informatics Officer, Indiana CTSI and Regenstrief Institute

Dr. Barnett oversees the service informatics strategy and operations for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and Regenstrief Institute. Areas of focus include data management, data sharing, and electronic medical records repositories; workflows and data analytics; clinical research systems and systems integration, and portals and community outreach.